How to Create Computer Icons Pack with Illustrator

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Final Result

Hello there! I hope, you all are doing well. Today we are going to make Computer icon pack.

I use geometric shapes to design all these icons. Let’s get started.

1. Set Up New Document

Before jumping further you have to open illustrator program.

Now create a New Document (File -> New or Ctrl+N or Command+N) with following description:

  • Number of Artboards: 1
  • Width: 600px
  • Height: 600px
  • Units: Pixels
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Raster effect: Screen (72ppi)
  • Preview Mode: Default
  • Align New Objects: Checked (CC 2017 Have not this option)
Setup New Document

2. Setup Grid and Guides

Step 1:

To create pixel perfect icon, must configure grid setting to 1px.

Open Preferences dialog (Edit -> Preferences -> Guides & Grid)

  • Gridline every: 1px
  • Subdivisions: 1
Set Grid and Guide Preferences

Step 2:

Please ensure Snap option active.

View -> Snap to Grid & Snap to Point

3. Setup Layers

Step 1:

Always try to use Layers Panel to arrange the design element.

In this design I have four layers. You can rename it by double click on name.

  • Layer 1: Reference Grids
  • Layer 2: PC
  • Layer 3: Laptop
  • Layer 4: Printer
Change Name of Layers

4. Create Reference Grids

It is necessary to create base grids before designing icons. Standard size for icon grids are 32 x 32 , 64 x 64, 128 x 128px and so forth. I’m using 128 x 128 px size.

Note: Please grab a copy of icon design guide from iconutopia.

Step 1:

Grab Rectangle Tool (M) and create a 128 x 128 px.

  • Stroke: 4px #a986d1
  • Fill color: No
Reference Guide Settings

Step 2:

  • Expand Path to shape (Object -> Expand Appearance..)
  • Create two copies and place after 32px distance.
  • Lock the references grid layer
Reference Guides for 3 Icons

5. Create PC Icon

Step 1

Create CPU Body using Rectangle Tool (M) (32 x 76 px). Remove fill color.

  • Stroke: 4px #45486d
  • Radius Corner: 6px
  • Position: Bottom 20px from reference grid.

Use transform Panel to set corner radius 6px.

Copy the Outlined Body and paste it (Ctrl + F) Remove Outline and fill color (#6D7099).

Send it to back to outline shape.

Add Highlight/Shadow

Create two copies of filled body (Ctrl + C & 2 x Ctrl + F). Move down the last copied shape 4px. Select both and use Pathfinder (Minus front). Fill with (#8588B0).

Do this for bottom part and add color (#5D6089).

You can show/hide grids (Ctrl + ,). Grid view helps to shift up down shapes easily

Note: It always good to create outlined shape and filled shape separately.

Create a rectangle (32 x 10 px) 4px thick stroke (#45486d) (no fill). Place it 8px down from the top border. Create filled version of the same with color (#ABAFD6) and send to backward.

Add a line: Width: 14px, Stroke thick: 2px, round cap.

Make a copy of these shapes and placed below.

Grab Circle tool (L) and make outline 8 x 8 px, Stroke : 2px #45486d.

Placed it 12px up from bottom Border;

Add another circle inside : 4 x 4 px fill color : #2ABBB8

Step 2

Let’s create monitor. Start with Monitor Frame 72 x 64 px,

  • Stroke: 4px #45486d
  • Radius Corner: 6px
  • Position: Top 20px from reference grid.
  • Distance: 4px from CPU

Copy frame and filled with #6D7099

Add Shades to top and bottom same as I did for CPU.

Create a Rectangle Frame 56 x 42 px, 4px Stroke #45486d, Position top 4px from monitor frame.

Make a copy and fill with #2ABBB8.

  • Create a line 2px #64CED6,
  • Width: 28px,
  • Position Left: 8px, Top: 8px
  • Make 2 Copies, Placed each with 4px distance below (Width: 20px, 36px)
  • Create a Circle 4 x 4 px, Stroke: 2px #64CED6, Fill: #525579.

Add another rectangle 36 x 12 px,

  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6
  • Fill: #525579
  • Corner Radius: Top Left & Right: 12px
  • Add shadow : Rectangle 120 x 6 px, Radius Corner: 3px, Fill Color #E5E5E5
PC Icon Finished

5. Create Laptop Icon

Step 1:

Start with Laptop Frame, Create Rectangle(M) 92 x 64px,

  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6,
  • Corner Radius: Top Left & Right: 6px
  • Position Top: 20px Left: 12px;

Add 2px Top Shadow #6D7099

Step 2

Let’s add some image on screen. Create a rectangle 76 x 48 px, 4px Stroke (#64CED6), Fill #ffffff, Position 4px from frame.

I use Rectangle and Circle to Create Image mockup. Create Rectangle 36 x 36 px, Rotate 45 deg. Use Scissor (C) to cut from corner. Press Ctrl + J. Fill (#2ABBB8) stroke 4px (#64CED6). Create another with 25 x 25px Rectangle (Fill #13A099).

Add a circle 8 x 8 px fill #FFC04D 4px stroke

Step 3

Add a rectangle for rectangle bottom part, just below the screen 112 x 12px.

  • Corner Radius: Bottom left & Right 8px
  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6
  • Fill: #525579

Now another Rectangle for middle area. 32 x 6 px

  • Corner Radius: Bottom left & Right 8px
  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6
  • Fill: #6D7099

Copy same drop shadow 120 x 6px from PC Icon

Laptop Icon Finished

6. Create Printer Icon

Step 1

Let’s create Printer Icon. Start with printer base 112 x 36 px,

  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6
  • Radius Corner: 12px
  • Position Bottom: 20px Left: 2px from reference Guide.

Make a copy and fill with color #6D7099

Add 2px shadow top and bottom use same method use before.

Make another rectangle 64 x 18 px,

  • Stroke: 4px #64CED6
  • Fill: #525579
  • Radius corner top left/right: 6px.

Add another Rectangle 48 x 10 px, Stroke: 4px #64CED6, Fill: #ffffff.

Now add circle 8 x 8 px, Outline: 4px #64CED6, Fill: #EE7C64, Position Top 6px Right: 8px.

Step 2

Now Create Printer paper panel. Add a rectangle 64 x 40 px, Stroke: 4px #64CED6 Radius corner: Top Left/Right 8px.

Make a copy and fill with #6D7099.

Add 2px shadow at top of this panel.

Add another rectangle inside 48 x 32 px, Stroke: 4px #64CED6, Fill: #ffffff.

Finish it with some 2px lines and add drop shadow

Printer Icon Finished

Download file from here.

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