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A Two-Year Journey of Creative Fulfillment

vijay verma
4 min readDec 1, 2023

Two years ago, I took a bold step, leaving behind the security of my 9-to-5 job to embark on a transformative journey of art and creativity. And, opening my own studio (Overlayz) has been a dream come true, a place where I can pour my heart and soul into creating things that I love and have always wanted to do.I never look back.

I receive numerous messages and emails asking how I manage my time and how daunting it is to not know where the next paycheck will come from. Therefore, I decided to write a little bit about it here.

What I’m doing?

Currently, I’m handling max two contract projects at the a time, each lasting at least two months. These projects mainly involve helping brands create design systems, branding guidelines, or visual identities for products. In addition, I also take on smaller projects such as creating illustrations, designing icons, building landing pages, and crafting 3D art, among other design-related work. For instance, I recently designed a tent house for kids; it was a really enjoyable project. This variety of work allows me to pay my bills and focus on projects I love to do.

How your days looks like?

A typical day involves dedicating approximately four to five hours daily to contract work. Following that, I allocate around six to eight hours for making my game, which I hope to finish someday. Afterward, I spend time learning new things, experimenting, and building tools and resources.

As a night owl and with some global clients, I work late into the night, typically until 4-5 in the morning. Then, My days start around 10AM with a black coffee, usually espresso or cold brew. My workday begins by checking emails, organizing files, and planning what needs to be accomplished for the day. After an hour, I get ready for the day and have a light brunch around 12 PM (Mostly, poha, Corn flakes or egg).

Then, if necessary, I schedule calls with clients to catch up; otherwise, I dedicate 4–5 hours to completing client work. Lunch break around 3 PM, then back to work. After 5 PM, I stop working and take some time to relax; I might play games or take a power nap. Finally, I resume work on my personal projects or tackle any remaining tasks for the day around 8 PM. Dinner follows around 11 PM, after dinner more work mostly for my game. I’ll write detailed aritcle about my day routine soon.

How you find clients?

Clients find my work through different channels, including social media platforms like Dribbble, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These platforms allows me to showcase my work and connect with potential clients seeking my design and art services. Additionally, I receive clients through word-of-mouth referrals and my website,

How scary it is to not have client?

I haven’t felt scared so far about the lack of clients. I’ve always managed to find leads here and there, and honestly, I have a lot of requests in my queue. Currently, I’m in a state of mind where I selectively choose and respond to projects that truly interest me or offer a good amount of money :), focusing on my main criteria.

Can I do it same?

Certainly! However, if you’re just starting out, I would suggest gaining some industry experience or working on some side projects, even for fun, to create a portfolio or online presence. This will help you showcase your skills and attract potential clients in the future. As you continue to grow and establish your brand, you can gradually transition to selecting projects that align with your interests. So, in conclusion, with experience and a solid network, achieving this is definitely possible for anyone

The motivation

A post from Linkedin check here

That’s all for now. I’ll write more updates about my journey and the exciting changes ahead. I hope this give you some insight and perspective. Let me know in the comment. I primarily share updates about my ongoing projects and learning experiences on Instagram stories and Twitter. Additionally, I have a few interviews available where I delve into my creative process and design approach. Feel free to explore these interviews to gain insights about my thought process.

If you ever have any query or need to reach me, feel free to connect on X/Twitter! You can find everywhere at @realvjy. I also have my own exclusive Discord “Design Wizards.” It’s an invite-only space at the moment, where you can directly talk to me and I do live session there. You can submit a request to join at

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