Here’s what to watch while staying home on the weekend

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Staying home and watching the same old dramatic series is very bored.

Why don’t watch some interesting shows related to design - from reality shows, documentaries to movies that are exclusively available on Netflix.

I’m sharing top 5 TV shows/documentaries exclusively available on Netflix dedicated to design, art and creativity which will inspire & motivate you on these hard days.⠀

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All new Zomato design system to create a smooth and amazing experience for our users

Say hello to Sushi — Zomato’s all-new design system that we’ve built from the ground up. It’s not just a design system for us, but more than that it helps us provide a new and enhanced experience for our users using the Zomato app.

Let me break down what this actually means and what went into building Sushi.

What is Design System?

A design system is a large set of reusable components combined with a set of rules, storing visual design information, like colours or spacing, and enables us to build consistent applications quickly.

Why build a Design System?

Our first design system was created back in 2017. It was designed to enhance the existing features but was not as scalable as we wished it would be. That’s why we started working on a more flexible and robust solution. …

Figma makes it so much easier to design together at Zomato.

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I got the opportunity to be a part of Zomato’s kickass design team in 2018. What absolutely struck me was an extremely talented design army of independently different mindsets, all under one roof. There was a lot for me to learn and lots to share.

Back then we had the following tools in our design stack —

  • Sketch App: for interface design and UI kit
  • Abstract or Github: for version control
  • Invision or Marvel: for creating prototypes of mobile and web projects
  • Adobe CC: for illustrations, design assets, and animation
  • Principle App: for animated design and interactive user interfaces for…

Curated list of design resources for your design projects

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humaaan, undraw, drawkit


An illustration is a visual explanation of a text. It can also be a decoration or an interpretation of a text. Illustration is important part of modern design. Designers use illustrations in their designs to serve many purposes most important of which is to deliver the good user experience.

I’m sharing top 5 resources to download free illustration which helps you to quickly add quality graphics in your Mockup, presentation, and UI.

1. humaaans

Sharing a list of design resources for UI project

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A small pictorial symbol used in user interface (UI), presentation for common actions and items.

Here is a list of 5 free icon resources for your next UI project -

1. Unicons by iconscout

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Choosing the “right” font for your design is very important. Every font has specific design intent, communicates certain attributes. There are many fonts out there all fall in four basic font categories serif, sans serifs, script and display/decorative.

Today many technology brands currently deploy geometric fonts that represent minimalism, simplicity, and cleanliness, like — Product Sans by Google, Cereal by Airbnb etc.

Geometric sans-serif typefaces are based on geometric shapes, like near-perfect circles and squares.

Here is a list of 5 premium geometric fonts which are perfect for modern UI and Logo Design.

1. Gilroy

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What is uiLogos?

uiLogos is the collection of professionally designed logos. It’s a plugin for both Sketch app and Adobe XD that helps to insert dummy logos of companies directly in mock, design or presentation.

When we are designing a website must have a section of clients or, more specifically, a section with the logos of featured, powered by or cooperating companies. But, we don’t have time to create some dummy logos.

A Quick story about my design career.

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It’s all started when I was a kid, seriously.

After finishing my 10th, I joined computer class. After a few months I realized, a computer is much easier to learn. Troubleshooting computers for my friends and neighbors were my daily routine. I started teaching computer in hometown. In my free time, I started exploring all kinds of softwares just out of curiosity. And, started using Photoshop 7.0 (pirated version off-course). I learned a lot of things about Photoshop and other graphics softwares with the help of internet. I started to make stuff that people liked. I was a newbie in design, but local photo studios started offering design work. And design journey started as a photo editor. …

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Final Result

Hello there! I hope, you all are doing well. Today we are going to make Computer icon pack.

I use geometric shapes to design all these icons. Let’s get started.

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Image Credit: Dribbble

Laravel is very popular open source PHP framework aimed at fast and easy development of web applications. To know more read — why Laravel is best PHP framework?

Official guide to install Laravel is here — — which is little confusing and incomplete. You can try to install using official guide in first attempt. If stuck after two or three attempt, then you are at right place.

I’m trying to simplify the steps for installation and configuration of Laravel on Ubuntu.

During writing this article Laravel 5.3 has released. …


vijay verma

Principal Product Designer @zomato | Maker of uiprint, designletter, sushi design | Making Open Design System

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