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All new Zomato design system to create a smooth and amazing experience for our users

What is Design System?

Why build a Design System?

Figma makes it so much easier to design together at Zomato.

  • Sketch App: for interface design and UI kit
  • Abstract or Github: for version control
  • Invision or Marvel: for creating prototypes of mobile and web projects
  • Adobe CC: for illustrations, design assets, and animation
  • Principle App: for animated design and interactive user interfaces for…

Curated list of design resources for your design projects

humaaan, undraw, drawkit


1. humaaans

Sharing a list of design resources for UI project


1. Unicons by iconscout

Geometric sans-serif typefaces are based on geometric shapes, like near-perfect circles and squares.

1. Gilroy

What is uiLogos?

It’s all started when I was a kid, seriously.

Final Result

Image Credit: Dribbble

I’m trying to simplify the steps for installation and configuration of Laravel on Ubuntu.

vijay verma

Design chef @zomato | Maker of uiprint, designletter, sushi design | Making Open Design Resources | 3D & NFT art

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